Stove, Fireplace and Chimney Services


Stove & Fireplace Services

We offer a large range of stove and fireplace services including:


Stove installation & chimney lining (stove in a hole)

Simply put, our stove in a hole service, offers the installation of a new stove and flexible flue liner into an existing chimney breast chamber. We are able to supply you with one of our fantastic stoves, but also happy to install a stove you’ve supplied yourself, providing it meets current standards.


Fireplace Remodelling

Whether you want to make some small changes to your fireplace or want to have it completely re hauled before installation of a stove or open fire. From changing size to changing style, we are able to meet your needs in altering your current fireplace. Take a look at our portfolio page to see some of our before and after images.


Stove installation with a twin wall flue system

No chimney? No problem! If you’d like to install a stove in a location which doesn’t have a brick chimney, we are able to install a new twin wall flue system for you. Now you can have a wood burner fitted nearly anywhere in the house. These modern style installs can be a great addition for any home.


False chimney breast builds

Like the idea of the twin wall flue system, but prefer the traditional chimney breast look? We are able to construct a false chimney breast around your new twin wall flue. Now you can have a chimney breast almost anywhere in the house too!


Cast iron & open fires

Cast irons can be a lovey addition to a home if you prefer the more traditional look. Although these don’t tent to be any where near as efficient as a stove, they can create a lovely focal point to any room.


Supply of fireside accessories

As incendium fireplaces has grown, we started taking stock of some of the more popular fireside accessories. We now stock a wide range of products and accessories to aid you in the use of your new woodburner, which we can supply for you on the same day as we complete the installation, so your ready to go from day one. Take a look at our products page for more details.

Aftercare, including sweep and service reminders

Once the install is complete, we give you a full run down of how to use and care for your new stove. We then send over a full “end of installation guide” and add you to our sweep & service reminders database. If you don’t want to lift a finger we are even able to decorate the fireplace for you, including having a complete clean down of the room in question.

Matthew and his team were really reliable and professional. They carried out an independent report for a financial provider and were happy to help in any way with their expertise. The quote given was the price paid and I’d recommend them for the future. Thank you!

Manchester Customer
July 2017

Chimney Sweeping Services

We offer a large range of chimney services including:


Chimney Aftercare

Our aftercare service includes the annual sweep and upkeep of your stove and fireplace which is why were happy to offer this service to new and existing customers, regardless of who installed their appliance. Our team are snaplock approved which is know in the industry to be the best chimney sweep system on the market.


Chimney Services

Our chimney services include rotary power and manual sweeping, birds nest and blockage removal, bird / rain guard (cowl) fitting, redundant chimney ventilation and capping, rope seal and fire brick replacement and stove glass cleaning.


CCTV Insurance Reports

As Incendium employs some of the leading chimney experts in the area, we also provide surveys and assessment of old problem chimneys or more recent installs by the dreaded “rouge traders”. We can carry out a complete visual assessment of the fireplace and chimney, along with using the latest cctv methods to take a look inside.