Woodburning and Multi Fuel Stove FAQS

Wood burning & multi fuel stoves are a beautiful addition to the home. As well as generating warmth, they create a great atmosphere and add value to your home while making it much more desirable to prospective buyers. In recent years stoves have become a fabulous addition to many homes, adding value in financial terms as well as lifestyle. Picture you and yours, curled up in front of the fire with a feeling of warmth. Wood burning & multi stoves are a must have if you live in an area susceptible to regular power cuts.
With the right fuel source, wood burning stoves can help reduce the cost of heating your home. Wood burning stoves can achieve 80% efficiency compared to 20% efficiency of an open fire.
Burning wood from a renewable source rather than using fossil fuels like coal and oil can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Whereas wood grows quickly and can be grown in only a few years, coal takes thousands of lifetimes to be formed and will eventually run out. Where possible, we always urge our customer to go down the wood only stove route. Some stove choices are only available in multi fuel options, but you can also just burn wood in these models.
The required size KW of a stove can vary drastically, depending on the age of the property and size of the room. Other things, like the number of windows and the insulation of the property can also affect this. During a free home survey, we would work out the most suitable size for your property. It’s important to note, that any stove over 5Kw, or any sized stove in a new build property, requires an air vent to be installed. Easy enough to fit, but can put lots of people off at the thought of having a draught in their home.
Wood burning and multi fuel stoves work most efficiently when the flue size is as specified in the manufactures instructions. The flue is not only there for the gases to escape, but the correct size flue can help push these gasses in the right direction. This can be a benefit in so may ways, not only can it increase the life of your stove, it’s better for the environment and will stop tar from seeping into your home. The biggest advantage of installing a flexible flue liner, is that, if your current brick chimney has any leaks, either internally or externally, the liner is sealed all the way from the stove to the top of your chimney pot, giving you and your family that extra protection.
DEFRA, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. A Defra exempt stove has been designed in such a way that the air vents on the stove can not be shut off completely. This is a good thing, as when the stove is starved of oxygen, the fuel itself, may not complete its combustion cycle. This can leave heavy deposits in the liner and pollute the environment. If you live in a smoke control area, like the inner cities, you may be required by law to fit a Defra exempt wood burning stove. All stoves displayed in the Incendium Fireplaces website are Defra Exempt.
If you would love to have a stove in your home but don’t a traditional brick chimney, do not worry. Incendium fireplaces can install factory made systems with no chimneys.

It is recommend that wood is dried for 2 years prior to burning, all wood supplied by Incendium Fireplaces is guaranteed to have a lower than 20% moisture rating. Wood burning stoves can also help to achieve a better [SAP] (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating for your home.

Most home insurers stipulate that any woking appliance needs to be swept once a year as to not void their insurance. Incendium also recommends that active appliances are swept at least once a year, sometimes even once every six month with heavy usage. Once you’ve signed up for Incendium sweep and service reminder scheme, we will contact you each year to book in your sweep. While undertaking the sweep, we also check that you have a CO alarm and the appliance is in good working order. While on the sweep we are able to replace rope seals and fire bricks if required.
Although Incendium has a fantastic range of stoves, surrounds, hearths and accessories. We understand that we can’t supply it all. In most aspects of the installation, we are happy for you to supply any of the above, providing that it meets current standards.
One of the tell tell signs that the wood you’re burning, still has a too higher moisture content, is that the window glass of the stove will start to blacken. Many of the newer eco design ready stoves have an air wash system, which helps move the air around the glass to prevent build up. The best way to clean a black stove window, is to rub in some soot and ash taken from the stove.

Matthew and his team were really reliable and professional. They carried out an independent report for a financial provider and were happy to help in any way with their expertise. The quote given was the price paid and I’d recommend them for the future. Thank you!

Manchester Customer
July 2017