Stoves & Log Burners – Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional fireplaces and stoves are making a comeback amid the rising costs of energy prices. Here we have some frequently asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of stoves and log burners. 

What is the difference between a Stove and Log Burner?

Log burners can only burn wood as their fuel source, whereas stoves are the umbrella term for both wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. Log burners have a fixed grate with no ashpan as the wood burns better on a bed of ashes. Multi-fuel stoves include a raised grate with allows for the combustion of the air under the fuel.

What is the difference between a fireplace and a stove?

The main difference between a fireplace and a stove is their construction. A fireplace is the overall structure – usually made with brick or stone – that creates a space for an open fire. A stove is a device that fits into the open space made of pre-fabricated components.

Can I legally fit my own log burner?

Whilst you can legally fit your own stove or log burner, it is not recommended. Fitting a log burner is a highly specialised job that requires HETAS certification and can be dangerous if not fitted correctly due to the fumes given off by the unit.

Can I install a log burner if I don’t have a chimney?

Yes! It is possible to install a log-burning stove without a chimney breast. It may require more work as a twin wall flue system will need to be installed through the roof or wall of your home.

Do log burners heat the whole house?

It is possible for stoves/log burners to heat your whole home. If installed downstairs the heat from the stove will travel upwards which can be aided through the installation of vents to the upper rooms. It is worth speaking with our team to work out the correct size stove for your room to provide the right amount of heat.

What is the lifespan of a log burner?

Log-burning stoves can last around 10-20 years, depending on the level of care and maintenance given to them. Some people claim their log burners have lasted around 40 years!

What are the new rules regarding log burners?

Domestic log burners are now required to use smokeless fuels with a low moisture content which can be done by using “Ready to Burn” labelled fuels. You can find out more about the new rules in our blog: What are the new rules on wood-burning stoves?

Will I still be able to use my log burner after 2022?

Of course! Existing log-burning stoves are still suitable to be used, however, if you’re considering upgrading your unit they will need to be “EcoDesign” compliant. This just means they have been manufactured after 1st January 2022 and are more efficient and less polluting.


If you have any questions about our stoves or fireplace services please get in touch with us today. We will be happy to provide you with helpful, impartial advice as well as a free home survey.

Published On: 10/01/2023Categories: Blog

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