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Open Fires

Practically obsolete as a form of heating, open fires are now only really for aesthetic purposes. Although they can still be serviceable, they are incredibly inefficient and also contribute to a high percentage of emissions in the UK.

At Incendium, we install many open fires that are either for display only and not used as an active fireplace, or, should they pass the relevant checks (in some cases having a new flue installed), are only ever used a handful of times a year, normally for Christmas or a romantic evening. They are often used by those who enjoy the sound of crackling logs and the look and warmth that comes from having an open fire. We offer a complete service from initial ideas to the finished installation and can advise you on the fireside accessories you’ll need. If you are looking for an efficient fire that burns steadily for longer periods then a stove may be better suited to your needs.

Cast iron and open fires
Cast iron and open fires
Cast iron and open fires
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Cast Iron

Cast Iron fireplaces create a lovely, traditional look and feel to your room. However, as they work on an open flame, these again can be fairly inefficient compared to modern stoves. Many of the installations we complete are again purely for aesthetic purposes, with their intricate designs meaning they complement any room’s design and style.

When used, cast iron fireplaces can take considerably longer to heat up due to the thickness of the material, the added benefit of this is it retains the heat generated for longer, spreading warmth into the room after the fire has been extinguished.

Cast iron and open fires
Cast iron and open fires
Cast iron and open fires

When installing, we will make sure that your area is large enough for your chosen fire and our fireplace remodelling service is appropriate for use after being subjected to tests. We will also ensure that the flue is in good condition when conducting our pre-installation sweep. The structural support of the inset is checked and replaced if needed before the new hearth is laid. From there your fireplace will be fixed to the back wall and backfilled to ensure stability and heat retention.

Our team has excellent customer service and workmanship and will provide you with a fully functional and safe fireplace. After works are completed and carbon monoxide levels checked you will be supplied with a HETAs certificate for the works carried out and offered a full aftercare service.

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If you would like any help and advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. They are highly experienced and install a range of different products every day, take a look at our gallery for some inspiration. We are more than happy to pop round for a free home survey to inspect your fireplace and discuss everything with you. You can get in touch with our friendly team on 01603 952878 or email to get booked in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A woodburning stove usually runs at a 65% efficiency rating, whereas an open fire tends to have a 20-30% as most of the heat escapes up the chimney.

As standard, we supply and fit riven slate or terracotta pamment hearths. Although, we can supply and have many different appropriate materials cut to size depending on your preference. This is something we can discuss during your free home survey.

Yes, we always advise our clients to have their chimney swept before having a new fire or fireplace installed. This enables us to check the condition of the flue lining and chimney. We offer free pre-installation chimney sweeps, so don’t worry we’ll make sure everything is safe and in working order before installing anything.

Absolutely! Apart from electric, all fires need an adequate air supply to burn properly. Without this, you increase the risk of producing toxins and reduce the efficiency of your fireplace. In some properties, ventilation can come from the room itself, in others, an external air vent is required, again this is something our team will advise you on.