Chimney Sweeping

Most home insurers now require the policy holder to have active fireplaces swept at least once a year. Failure to do so may render your insurance invalid.
After extensive training with Snaplok Rotary Power Sweeping, Incendium fireplaces use a rotary power sweep, this chimney sweeping technology is considered the best in the industry. The interchangeable tools enable us to clean every kind of flue, from stainless steel flexi liners to traditional brick flues. With our state of the art CCTV system we can see inside your chimney to locate the cause of any problems and check the general condition on your flue. Full written and video reports are available on request.
Head over to our gallery page to see a [power sweep in action].

Chimney sweeping services

  • Rotary power chimney sweeping for all types of flues
  • CCTV inspection & report
  • Clay liner removal
  • Bird nest & blockage removal
  • Bird/rain guard (cowls) fitting
  • Redundant chimney ventilation & capping
  • Stove glass cleaning
  • Replacement fire bricks & rope seals


Feeling lucky? For memorable photographs and to add the luck of a chimney sweep at your wedding, our Chimney Sweeps are available for hire. We will turn up in full traditional sweeping attire (minus the soot), with brush in hand. The Bride and Groom will also be presented with a small gift as a memento of the day. Get in touch for more details.